Station Name: RUTHIN

[Source: Paul Wright]

Date opened: 1.3.1862
Location: West side of the modern A525.
Company on opening: Denbigh, Ruthin and Corwen Railway
Date closed to passengers: 30.4.1962
Date closed completely: 30.4.1962
Company on closing: British Railways (London Midland Region)
Present state: Demolished - the goods yard crane survives at the entrance to a car park.
County: Denbighshire
OS Grid Ref: SJ126585
Date of visit: 12th September 2009

Notes: Ruthin stationwas situated on the Denbigh, Ruthin and Corwen Railway (DRCR) which was incorporated under an act of July 1860 opening in stages between March 1862 and October 1864. Ruthin opened with the first section of the line to come into use, between Denbigh and Ruthin, on the 1st March 1862 and it acted as a terminus station until March 1863 when the next section of the line, to Gwyddelwern opened.

The station was 6.75 miles from Denbigh and and close to the centre of the important North Wales town of Ruthin. Ruthin Station was chosen for the location of the DRCR headquarters. Because of this, and because Ruthin was an important centre the station was provided with two platforms. The main station building, which was a grand two storey building with station canopy, was located on the west side of the line on the Denbigh direction platform. The building was constructed out of brick and it had a slate roof. On the Corwen direction platform, which was shorter than the Denbigh platform, a wooden waiting shelter was provided. A small wooden signalbox was also located on this platform. Passengers had to access this platform by means of a barrow crossing at the north end of the station.

Ruthin Station was also provided with a goods shed and yard which was located to the north of the station on the western side of the line; access to the goods yard was via the station forecourt. The yard consisted of two sidings, one passing through the goods shed and the other serving a cattle dock; there was also a 5 ton crane. A through line for goods services passed behind the Corwen direction platform. Both platforms were actually signaled for multi direction working. Many through passenger trains running towards Corwen actually used the Denbigh direction platform as it was more convenient for the stations facilities.

When the station first opened the London and North Western Railway (LNWR) operated the
first public services on behalf of the DRCR. Within a year, when the line had been extended to Gwyddelwern the DRCR were operating their own trains. In 1864 the final section of line, to Corwen opened but by 1866 the DRCR was in financial difficulty and services were once again provided by the LNWR.  The LNWR formerly absorbed the line into its ownership on the 1st July 1879.

In 1875 Ruthin Station was served by ten trains on weekdays. Three of the northbound services ran to Denbigh and two went to Chester. In the southbound direction three services ran to Corwen, two terminated at Ruthin having come from Chester.  By 1904 Ruthin was served by fourteen trains. Five ran to Corwen, five to Denbigh only, two ran to Chester and two terminated at Ruthin having come from Chester.

In 1923 the station became part of the London Midland Scottish Railway (LMS). The General strike of 1926 saw a reduction of passenger services running between ruthin and Corwen. In 1939 Ruthin Station had six trains running between Denbigh and Corwen in each direction and additional services running from Ruthin to Chester.

In 1948 the Denbigh to Corwen line became part of the British Railways (London Midland Region). Road competition began to affect the line and by the early 1950s withdrawal of passenger trains on the section of line between Ruthin and Corwen was proposed. The last scheduled passenger services to run south of Ruthin ended on the 2nd February 1953. From this date the Corwen direction platform fell out of use and the waiting shelter was demolished.

Ruthin became a terminus station being served by an all stations to Chester service. Specials ran to the town and throughout the 1950s and up until 1961 land cruise trains running from Rhyl during the summer months also passed through the station. On the 1st September 1958 goods services were withdrawn from Ruthin Station. By the early 1960s closure of the line from

Chester to Ruthin was proposed. The final passenger services were withdrawn on the 30th April 1962 and Ruthin Station closed completely.

Complete closure of the line came on the 1st March 1965 after which the track was lifted. The station building survived until the 1970s when it was demolished to make way for road improvements. Today the site is much altered with roads and a visitor centre occupying the station site. A goods crane has been installed adjacent to the A525 to show that the site was once a railway location.

Tickets from Michael Stewart, Bradshaw from Nick Catford and Route Map by Alan Young.

Source: From Chester to Holyhead the Branch Lines by Bill Rear. Oxford Publishing 2003
ISBN 978-0-860935-69-8

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Ruthin Station looking north west in August 1954
Copyright photo from John Alsop collection

Ruthin Station looking south east in 1955
Photo from John Mann collection

Ruthin Station looking north west on 22nd October 1961. The SLS Farewell to Corwen line railtour waits to depart towards Corwen. At this time Ruthin Station was still open but it was a terminus station for trains that ran between Ruthin and Chester. Only goods services went south from here at this time. The platform on the right of the picture had been out of use since February 1953
when the Corwen service finished.
hoto by Bevan Price

Ruthin Station looking north west after closure
hoto by Dave Nicholas

he site of Ruthin Station looking north west in September 2009
hoto by Paul Wright

A 5 ton goods crane from Ruthin station's goods yard now forms a feature at the entrance to a car park as seen in September 2009.
Photo by Paul Wright

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April 1962 + tickets

After closure + tickets

After closure + tickets

September 2009
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[Source: Paul Wright]

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