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Blencow Station Gallery 2:August 1964 - clira late 1960s

In August 1964 a ‘Derby lightweight’ DMU is seen at Blencow station. It is clear that the lawn and colourful flowerbed are tended by the station staff. A BR(LM) nameboard is visible on the up platform. The white post in the foreground carries an oil lantern.
Copyright photo 213092 from Colour-Rail

Derby Lightweight 79xxx series bound for Keswick is seen from the front cab of a Carlisle bound DMU on 28 August 1965. This is not one of the original 'West Cumberland' units but one of the later builds transferred into the area from elsewhere; it has the revised windscreen arrangement and centrally pivoted windscreen wiper with blades above and below the pivot. The ladder against the lamp in the background suggests the station was still oil lit although the presence of a television aerial suggests electricity was installed inside the building.  On the wall of the building, above the nearest poster, is a blue enamel 'You may telephone from here' sign. The grounded van body may have been used as a lamp room. The post box on the platform side of the building would seem to be somewhat unusual: they were usually located on the forecourt side.
Photo by John Attfield

Blencow station looking west circa mid 1960s. The view is westwards from the walkway leading to the barrow crossing which gives access to the up platform. An end dock is seen on the left; two sidings terminate end-on to the dock..
Photo from John Mann collection

Blencow signal box in May 1966.
Copyright photo by Nigel Mundy

A general view of Blencow station looking west in May 1966. Passengers walking between platforms use the barrow crossing in the foreground; neither a bridge nor a subway is provided. The handsome stone building on the down platform contains all the office, waiting and toilet facilities. The stationmaster’s house is to its left. By this stage the waiting shelter has been removed. The platform furniture consists of oil lanterns mounted on posts and, on the down platform, a BR(LM) running-in nameboard and a bench. Passengers for Penrith and beyond apparently are expected to stand (and sometimes get wet) when waiting for their train. In the distance the signal box and Down Starter signal can be seen..
Copyright photo by John Alsop

Blencow up platform is seen from a passing DMU circa mid 1960s, before the line was singled..
Photo from John Mann collection

Blencow station looking west in the late 1960s. Both running lines as well as sidings are in place; unlike the other stations on the line, Blencow retained two tracks until closure in 1972 although the down track was not in use through the station. The stationmaster’s house and station building are on the down (left) platform and the signal box is set into the ramp at the far end of the up platform. Electric lighting has been installed consisting of only one lamppost at the near end of each platform.
Photo from John Mann collection

The main station building on the now disused down platform is seen from the former up (now bi-directional) platform circa late 1960s. By this date the station is unstaffed and passengers enter through the white gate at the end of the building and use the barrow crossing to reach the former up platform..
Photo from John Mann collection

Blencow station looking east late c1960s. On the left, the signal box (1901) is set into the up platform ramp. All of the station’s facilities are on the down side platform. A freight loop can be seen far left behind the up platform.
Photo from John Mann collection

Blencow station looking west late c1960s. The two-storey stationmaster’s house is central to this view with the rear of the station building to the right. Both structures are stone built.
Photo from John Mann collection

Looking east from the signal box at the end of the up platform circa late 1960s. The goods loop on the left running behind the platform appears to have been partially lifted. Although the platform remains in use for trains in both directions the waiting shelter has been demolished.
Photo from John Mann collection

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[Source: Alan Young]

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