[Source: Alan Young]

Stannington Station Gallery 2: July 1983 - May 2015

Stannington signal box and station building, looking south in July 1983.
Photo by Andrew Wylde from Railways of Berwick and the Eastern Borders private Facebook group

In October 1981 a northbound express headed by a Class 47 loco hurtles through Stannington station. The view is from the signal box.
Photo by Dave Jolly from his Flickr photostream

Stannington station, looking north from a passing train in July 1986. The signal box is still in place beyond the level crossing.
Photo by Alan Young

Looking south from Stannington level crossing in July 1987. The former station building is on the extreme left. Both the up (left) and down (right) platforms have been demolished.
Photo by John Mann

Stannington station, looking south-east from the level crossing in September 1994. Electrification of East Coast main line services took place in 1991.
Photo by Alan Young

This view, looking south at the station forecourt in December 2005, shows the substantial eastward extent of the building and the distinctive architectural features which are also seen
on its other elevations
Photo by Steven Hedley from his Flickr photostream

Stannington station building, looking south-east over the level crossing in December 2005.
Photo by Steven Hedley from his Flickr photostream

An undated view of Stannington station building, looking west. This photograph accompanied an advertisement for the sale of a two-bedroomed flat in the building. Various architectural features of this attractive sandstone building can be enjoyed, including the north-facing bay, the raised gables and the ornamental lancet window set into the eastern gable.

The East Coast main line through Northumberland was electrified in 1991. This undated view is looking south towards Stannington station from the level crossing.
Photo by Nigel Thompson, reproduced from Geograph under creative commons licence




[Source: Alan Young]

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