[Source: Paul Wright]

The north end of Stanley station in 1962.
hoto by Norman Daley

The site of Stanley station looking north in January 1967. Lister Drive Power Station can
be seen in the distance.
Photo by John Gahan

A mixed goods train is seen passing through the site of Stanley station in January 1967.
hoto by John Gahan

Looking south towards Stanley station from Stanley Junction on 24 August 1967. Heading north to the docks is an ex-LMS 2-8-0 8F locomotive on a long freight train. To the left the branch to Stanley Cattle can be seen.
hoto by John Gahan

The rear of the station building at Stanley seen from Newsham Park in June 1969. The bricked up doorway that gave access to the up platform can be seen to the left of the line.
Photo by Nick Catford

Stanley station looking south in the early-1970s. Passing through the station is a Liverpool Lime Street to Southport Chapel Street passenger service.
Photo by Norman Daley

The site of Stanley station looking north in May 1988.
Photo by John Mann

Looking north at the site of stanley station on 22 April 2017.
Photo by Paul Wright

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[Source: Paul Wtight]

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