[Source: Jim McBride & Paul Wright]

St Johnston station looking north in 1955. GNRI 4-4-0 PP class locomotive number 12 is in the process of shunting a cattle wagon. This engine was one of only three that still survived at this time. St Johnston was an important station for 'Free to Free' freight (Republic of Ireland goods that passed through Northern ireland along the GNRI 'Derry Road'). Some of the freight wagons can be seen in the goods siding to the right. Wagons were tripped to and from St Johnston via Strabane. The St Johnston signal cabin can be seen to the left of the locomotive. Between 1907 and 1933 the line between St Johnston and Derry/Londonderry had been double track. When this view was taken there was just a passing loop at the station.

Looking south from the south end of the St Johnston station up platform on Sunday 14 February 1965. This was the last day of passenger services. The signal cabin can be seen at the south end of the down platform. The station nameboard is of a UTA style despite St Johnston being a
CIE facility at this time.
Copyright photo by Tony Price from the Irish Railway Record Society

A view looking south at St Johnston after closure in 1965.
Copyright photo from Stations UK

St Johnston station looking south on 30 August 2020 from a similar viewpoint to the 1965 photo above.
Photo by Jim McBride

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