[Source: Jim McBride & Paul Wright]

In July 1961 the 10.30am Londonderry Foyle Road to Belfast Grreat Victoria Street service is seen having just passed through Porthall station. At the head of the train is UTA 4-4-0 U Class locomotive number 68 (GNRI 205) 'Down'. The engine was built in 1948 and it was the last of its class to be built. The engine was withdrawn in May 1965.
Photo by John Richardson

A local service for Strabane is seen at Porthall in 1963. Forming the motive power for this short train is UTA 0-6-0 SG class locomotive number 35. Five years after the demise of the GNRB the goods wagons to the left of the train still carry that company's name.
Photo by John Richardson

Porthall station looking north from the level crossing on 9 September 1964. Both the station goods siding and the former brick yard siding can be seen to the right of the passenger platform.
Copyright photo by James P. O'Dea from Stations UK

Porthall station looking south on 30 August 2020. The passenger platform is seen to the left.
Photo by Jim McBride

A view looking south from the southern end of the Porthall passenger platform on 30 August 2020. The station's goods platform is seen in the middle distance to the right.
Photo by Jim McBride

Looking north towards Derry/Londonderry from the site of Porthall station on 30 August 2020. The station building had been to the right of the photographer. The road was realigned after closure.
Photo by Jim McBride

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