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Nottingham London Road Low Level
Station Gallery 2 October 1953 - December 1980

Crowds are seen on the platform waiting to get on the footplate of Cally 123 at Nottingham London Road in October 1953. The Great Northern corn warehouse is seen in the background.
Photo by John Ford from David Ford's Flickr photostream

The complex mix of buildings at the Low Level station seen from London Road in the 1950s. The large arched opening on the left leads onto the concourse without going thorough the booking office; the entrance for goods vehicles is to the right. The station goods shed was incorporated into the range of buildings. The two-storey block is a late nineteenth century addition, the upper floor offices being above a high lorry entrance into the goods shed.
Photo from John Mann Collection

Working the RCTS (East Midlands Branch) ‘Notts and Derbyshire Railtour’ on 19 September 1959 is 41320, an Ivatt-designed 2MT tank fitted for push-pull working. Built at Derby and entering service during January of 1952 at 5A, Crewe North shed, this loco had the distinction of being the last of its class in service when it was withdrawn from Bournemouth shed during July 1967 to be broken up in December of that year by Cohens of Morriston. This railtour was using just two coaches for 150 passengers on this push-pull tour, covering over 84 miles and involving 14 reversals.
Photo by HB Priestley

About to work 1X40, the RCTS (East Midlands Branch) the ‘The Joint Line Railtour’ on 18 May 1963, is 45238 allocated at this time to 16A, Nottingham shed. Built for the LMS in 1936 by Armstrong Whitworth and entering service in the August as 5238, this Stanier-designed Black Five still has well over three years’ service left until withdrawal during December 1966, followed by
scrapping the following July.
Photo by HB Priestley

A high level view of Nottingham London Road Low Level station looking east in June 1967. The canopy along the west side of the building has been removed. Note the high opening on the far right for road vehicles entering the goods shed. On the far left one end of the High Level station building is seen; to the right of that is the former LNWR goods shed and, behind that, the end of the GNR corn warehouse. Nottingham London Road Junction signal box is seen behind the station building. The Nottingham Canal is seen in the foreground. Click here to see a larger version.
Photo from John Mann collection

Aerial view from 1972. London Road Low Level station is seen below the bridge; the original 4-bay train shed and the later 3-bay extension are clearly seen. To the right of the station are the LNWR goods shed and the GNR corn shed. On the far right the embankment taking the chord to Nottingham Victoria station is seen together with the High Level station, The single-storey white building is the booking office. The cleared ground between the two lines was the Eastcroft gas works. The circular base of one of the demolished gas holders is clearly seen. The now-closed Melton Mowbray line is seen diverging to the south, while sidings curve round the side of Nottingham Corporation’s East Croft depot. The high chimney in the foreground is a refuse incinerator. Nottingham Midland station is seen on the far
side of London Road.

The west end of the Low Level station goods shed in March 1973. The wide lorry entrance to the shed can be made out behind the van. This part of the station was a later addition and was built in the 1890s.
Photo by Steve Richards

Nottingham London Road Low Level station seen from a passing train in July 1975.
Photo by Alan Young

Nottingham London Road Low Level station looking west in September 1975
Copyright photo by Nigel Mundy

Looking east from London Road overbridge in August 1976. London Road Low Level station is on the left, then in use as a parcels depot. The GNR signal box and trackwork was still in place. The Midland Sneinton Junction signal box, just discernable below the chimney on the skyline, is still in place today. This is a typical Midland junction, i.e. where the goods lines (the single track on the right) rejoin the main lines only two tracks continue eastwards from that point although formerly there was also the goods link from east to west with the GNR. The tracks in the left centre are the Midland line to Newark. The Great Northern line to Grantham is joined at Netherfield. The main line to London via Melton Mowbray used to curve off right but closed in the 1960s.
Photo by Pete Hackney from his Flickr photostream

Nottingham London Road High Level panoramic merge of three images showing left to right: London Road with the Great Northern Line climbing left up to Victoria station; the canal bridge and High Level station - the white building centre; and to the right the Low Level station in use as a parcels depot. The industrial buildings in the background were part of the Boots factory complex and have been replaced by, amongst others, the BBC East Midlands studio. Click here to see a larger version. Click here to see a larger version.
Photo by Pete Hackney from his Flickr photostream

Nottingham London Road Low Level station looking west into the goods shed in December 1980. As built, the goods shed was incorporated into the main station building on the south side of the passenger facilities. The 3-bay extension to the original 4-bay trainshed is clearly seen.
Photo from Brubaker Imaging

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Station Gallery 3 December 1980 - July 2014




[Source: Nick Catford]

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