[Source: Paul Wright]

Wrong line working at Norton station during engineering works in 1947.
Photo by Roy Gough

Looking north-east from the signalbox at Norton station c. 1970/1. Work had started on the demolition of the stations platforms. By the time this photograph was taken over half of the length of the down platform had already been removed.
Photo by David Lennon

Looking north-east at Norton station in the early 1970s after the stations platforms had been removed. The train, hauled by a Sulzer type 2 diesel (Class 25) was en-route to either Llandudno or Holyhead.
hoto by David Lennon

Norton station looking north in June 1980.
Photo by John Mann

A view looking north-east towards Norton station from the up platform of Runcorn East station in February 2005. In the foreground is the 1971 signal box.
hoto by Paul Wright

Norton station seen from the station approach road in June 2010. A period LMS target sign, possibly an original, has been fitted to the modern extension which occupies the site of the ticket office
and waiting room.
hoto by Paul Wright

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[Source: Paul Wright]

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