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Middleton-in-Teesdale Station Gallery 2:
April 1951 - June 1961

Former NER G5 0-4-4T 67258 starts to run round its train of ageing ex-NER clerestory coaches, ready for the return journey to Darlington in April 1951. This G5 0-4-4T was built at Darlington Works in 1900 to a Worsdell design. She survived until October 1957 when she was withdrawn from Sunderland South Dock shed and cut up at Darlington a month later. The single-road engine shed is seen on the right. The flower beds are again seen at the back of the platform but by this date they were devoid of any flowers.
Photo from James Lake collection

Having run round its train No.67258 is now ready for the return trip to Darlington. The run-round loop seen on the left is also the shed road. Beside the road there are two water tanks; the original tank on top of a stone building is seen on the left; note the chimney protruding from the tank. The tank has been disused since c1895 and the room below it is used as a platelayers' hut - hence the chimney. The newer larger tank on timber pillars is on the opposite side of the shed road. The goods shed is seen behind the platform whilst the wooden building is a supplementary shed and goods office.
Photo from James Lake collection

Another G5, 67284 has arrived at Middleton-in-Teesdale station in June 1954. This one was withdrawn from Darlington shed on 31 October 1956 and cut up at Darlington works.
Photo from James Lake collection

A 1956 view of Middleton-in-Teesdale station seen from the Mickleton road - a popular view point for photographers. A couple of vans are seen on the goods shed road in front of the gents’ toilet and two mineral wagons are seen in the foreground. The verandah has been re-roofed without the gable mounting for the clock; apart from that, from this angle the station appears largely unchanged from 50 years earlier.
Photo from John Mann collection

Class G5 67284 is passing Middleton-in-Teesdale signal box having just left the station for Darlington in the 1950s. Two private sidings protected by wooden gates are seen. On the left, by the 7½ milepost from Tees Valley Junction, is one of two sidings running into Middleton Quarry. On the opposite side of the line is the siding for the disused tarmacadam works.
Photo from Jim Lake collection

Middleton-in-Teesdale engine shed in August 1956. The shed opened in 1868, a year after the line and closed on 16 September 1957 when steam traction on the branch was replaced by DMUs. Note the gate from the Mickleton road on the left. The ground frame seen on the right was controlled from the signal box and was for the run-round loop which is seen in the foreground.
Photo from Roger Griffiths collection

Middleton-in-Teesdale Station looking north-north-west in May 1958; a Metro Cammell DMU awaits departure for Darlington. Steam traction ended on the branch nine months earlier. The station gardens are now being tended again thanks to stationmaster EW Archer's wife, Joy. The bed surrounds appear to have been recently repainted and the beds have been replanted.
Photo by Chris Gammell

Middleton-in-Teesdale Station looking south south-east c1960. Note the two water tanks either side of the shed road/passing loop. That on the left is the original tank; it was replaced by the larger tank on the right c1895. The headcode shows B4; the ‘B’ indicated 'Ordinary Passenger' which meant a local or stopping service. The '4' applied to routes radiating from Darlington and in this case to Barnard Castle or Middleton and also the Penrith route.
Photo received from Michael Makepeace

Middleton-in-Teesdale Station looking north-west in June 1960 as a Birmingham RC&W DMU (later to become Class 104) awaits departure for Darlington.
Photo from Ted Burgess collection

A Metro - Cammell (later to become Class 101) DMU waits at the Middleton-in-Teesdale terminus in the early 1960s before making the return journey to Darlington. Weeds are seen growing from the passing loop which has been out of use since the end of steam traction on the branch in 1957.
Photo from John Mann collection

Looking north-south-east at Middleton-in-Teesdale station and goods yard in June 1961. The single-road NER engine shed is seen on the left. The shed road runs off the passing loop which can be seen  in front of the shed. Two water tanks are seen either side of the loop. The south-east end of the passenger platform is seen with the goods shed standing at the rear of the platform. Three wagons are seen on the siding that runs through the shed, with open trucks to the rear.
Photo by Graham Young from Tom Young's Flickr photostream

Looking north-north-west towards Middleton-in-Teesdale station from the hillside to the south. The single-road engine shed is seen on the left.
Photo by Graham Young from Tom Young's Flickr photostream

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