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Date opened: 1873
Location: On the west side of the level crossing at the junction of a minor road with the A2
Company on opening: Midland Railway
Date closed to passengers: Early 1970's
Date closed completely: Early 1970's
Company on closing: Northern Ireland Railways
Present state: The station building and platform are both extant and in good condition. There is a nameboard on the platform side of the building although it's unclear if it is original.
County: Londonderry
OS Grid Ref: IC707345
Date of visit: 31.5.2006

Notes: During the Great Famine of the 1840's two railways were built from Derry. The Londonderry & Coleraine Railway was built as far as Coleraine and it later joined up with the Coleraine to Belfast line. The line was leased to the Belfast & Northern Counties Railway in 1861 and was amalgamated with the Midland Railway in 1871. In 1855 a short lived standard gauge horse drawn tramway was opened from the L & C at Magilliagn to Magilligan Point.

The Midland Railway opened the first halt on the line at Magilligan in 1873. The line was amalgamated into the London Midland & Scottish Railway under the 1923 grouping. Following nationalisation the line came under the control of the Ulster Transport Authority and the UTA was split in 1967 with railways coming under the control of Northern Ireland Railways.

Having stood derelict for many years the listed station building has now been converted in to a guest house including the signal box which is incorporated into the west end of the station building. The Coleraine - Londonderry line is still open.


Magilligan Halt looking east in May 2006. The signal box is incorporated into the west end of the station building.
hoto by Nick Catford

Magilligan Halt in May 2006
hoto by Nick Catford

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[Source: Nick Catford]

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