Station Name: LEA BRIDGE

[Source: Nick Catford]

An aerial view of Lea Bridge station seen from the north in June 1952. The street-level building has been repaired and now has a new roof. A trolleybus is seen approaching the station along Lea Bridge Road. At this time trolleybuses running along Lea Bridge Road were 555 Woodford (Sunday only) - Leyton Green - Bloomsbury. 557 Chingford Mount - Liverpool Street station. 581 Woodford (Napier Arms) - Bloomsbury. Two British Railways delivery vans, both in carmine and cream livery, are also seen in Lea Bridge Road. The stationmaster's house is seen to the right of the station with more railway land around it being used as allotments for the war effort. A line of vans stands at the goods depot loading dock and a line of road delivery vans is seen to the left. Lea Bridge Gas Works is seen top left'.
Reproduced with the kind permission of Simmons Aerofilms Ltd.

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