Station Name: LEA BRIDGE

[Source: Nick Catford]

Aerial view of Lea Bridge station from the east in April 1947. Lea Bridge Road runs along the left edge with the burnt-out and blackened shell of the station building clearly visible. The recently-constructed good/parcels depot is seen to the east of the station. Despite a number of vans in the sidings the yard is devoid of any activity with no vehicles visible. To the right the steel yard appears to be well stocked. The remains of Lea Bridge Stadium are seen at the top; the two stands are still there but the terracing a and track have been removed to allow the site to be used as allotments as part of the war effort. Further allotments are seen on railway land to the north of Lea Bridge Junction. There are some interesting buses on Lea Bridge Road. Towards the bottom of the picture and heading east is a trolleybus. Between the trolleybus and the station, also heading east, is an LT class double-decker. Heading west and about to pass the station is an open-staircase bus, either of the LT or ST class. It appears to be an ST. In 1947 the LT and ST classes had only a couple of years left before they were replaced by the RT types. The surviving open-staircase buses had enjoyed an extended life owing to the war.
Reproduced with the kind permission of Simmons Aerofilms Ltd.

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