Station Name: LEA BRIDGE

[Source: Nick Catford]

Aerial view of Lea Bridge station from the south in April 1947. The street-level building was gutted by fire on 31 March 1944 and is seen here as a blackened shell. The staggered platform shelters are seen, the angle of the stagger matching the angle of the road in relation to the line. Lea Bridge signal box and junction is seen north of the up platform. Bottom right is the recently-built goods and parcel depot which was constructed partially on the site of the disused GER telegraph works. Note the high-level staff walkway linking the depot with the street-level station building. North of the goods depot is H Young & Co's steel fabrication works which moved onto the site of the cast stone works in 1939 following an air raid which destroyed Young's works at Nine Elms. The works are served by four sidings from Lea Bridge Junction. The sign on the side of the building reads ‘Powers and Deane Ransome's Co. Lea Bridge Steelworks. E10’. On the left, one of the stands of the abandoned Lea Bridge Stadium is seen. Part of the stationmaster's house is seen bottom left, next to the station building.
Reproduced with the kind permission of Simmons Aerofilms Ltd.

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