Web site statistics for August 2016:

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Unique visitor is an individual user who has accessed the site so 72,147 different people accessed the site in August

Number of visits: This includes people returning

Pages: Total number of pages viewed

Hits: A Hit actually refers to the number of files viewed on the site. For DS this means photos. Each photo is a file and hence a hit.

The Disused Stations Website now has access to the Alan Robinson collection of photographs. Alan Robinson was born in Ormskirk on 29 December 1942 but later moved to Penketh near Warrington. Alan had a career as a maths teacher and he was a lifelong railway enthusiast.

Alan was active with his camera from the 1950s right up until his death on 1 August 2015. The collection includes over 6000 photos from throughout the UK.


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