Station Name:EPSOM DOWNS

[Source: Nick Catford]

An aerial view of Epsom Downs station, recorded only as having been taken during May 1922. On the forecourt are a number of haphazardly parked motor cars, this of course being long before the days of parking spaces marked out with white lines. Parked in a more orderly fashion alongside the belt of trees are some more upmarket motor cars, perhaps of Rolls-Royce manufacture. The presence of these motor cars implies it might be Derby Day but before a flood of trains arrived. The 1922 Derby took place on Wednesday 31 May and was won by Captain Cuttle, ridden by Steve Donoghue, trained by Fred Darling and owned by James Buchanan, 1st Baron Woolavington. A British Pathé film of the 1922 Derby can be viewed via the link. Platform 1 is occupied mainly by vans while some passenger stock is visible in platform 2. A passenger train has arrived at platform 5 behind what appears to be one of the Robert Billinton 0-6-2Ts, probably an E4. The island platform farthest from the camera (platforms 8 and 9) appears to have had a grass strip along its centre-line and if so was no doubt intended for the benefit of arriving and departing Royalty. Unfortunately the only photographs which have come to light giving unobstructed views of this platform from ground level were taken after it fell into disuse, by which time nature had taken over anyway.
Photo from Britain from Above reporoduced under the terms of their non-commercial licence

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