[Source: Trevor Reynolds]

Date opened: 1.10.1867
Location: West side of the A458
Company on opening: Mawddwy Railway
Date closed to passengers: 1.1.1931
Date closed completely: 1.7.1951
Company on closing: Great Western Railway
Present state: The station is extant and in private occupation. The adjacent engine shed is now a shop.
County: Merionethshire
OS Grid Ref: SH860139
Date of visit: October 2005

Notes: The station site was taken over in 1966 for use as a woolen mill, which today is a thriving tourist attraction. The Mill Shop shown in one of the photos is located in the old engine shed. The station building itself was, until recently used as a general purpose store serving visitors to the Mill. When the photographs were taken, in October 2005, the building was in the final stages of conversion to a private dwelling named 'Station House'.

'The Mawddwy Railway' was a 6.75 mile long branch line from the main Cambrian Railway (still operational) at Cemmes Road with intermediate stations at Cemmaes, Aberangell and Mallwyd. It opened in 1867 and closed to passengers in 1901, closing completely in 1908. Early timetables spelt that station name as 'Mawddy' and 'Mowddy', this was probably a mistake. It reopened 31st July 1911 as a light railway supported by several local councils.

The GWR eventually took over the line and passenger services finally ended in 1931 although the line remained open for freight until the early 1950's. The line ran through several remote communities in the Upper Dovey Valley and was never going to attract enough business to be viable. The situation wasn't helped by the station at Dinas Mawddwy being located about half a mile from the village centre, the local terrain making it all but impossible to get it any closer.

Dinas Mawddwy station served the Minllyn Slate Quarry with a short tramway running from the station to the processing mill at the base of a steep incline down from the quarry on the hillside above.

To see other stations on the Mawddwy Railway click on the station name: Aberangell & Cemmes Road. No photographs are available of Cemmaes & Mallwyd

Dinas Mawddwy station in 1904
Copyright photo from John Alsop collection

The incline up to the Minllyn Slate Works can be seen to the west of the station

Dinas Mawddwy station in 1905
Photo received from Anita Cwynar

Dinas Mawddwy station in 2005 taken from the same viewpoint as the picture above
hoto by Trevor Reynolds

Dinas Mawddwy station in 2005
hoto by Trevor Reynolds

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[Source: Trevor Reynolds]

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