Station Name: DARESBURY

[Source: Paul Wright]
Date opened: 18.12.1850
Location: On the south side of Runcorn Road
Company on opening: Birkenhead Joint (GW & LNWR)
Date closed to passengers: 7.7.1952
Date closed completely: 1.6.1965
Company on closing: British Railways (London Midland Region)
Present state: Platforms and ramps down from road are still visible from Runcorn Road..
County: Cheshire
OS Grid Ref: SJ579842
Date of visit: 17.2.2005 & 17.8.2010

Daresbury Station was situated on the Birkenhead, Lancashire & Cheshire Joint Railway’s (BLCJR) Warrington and Chester line which opened on 31 October 1850.

Daresbury Station opened as Moore after the village in which it was located on 18 December 1850. The station was located in a cutting on the south side of a road overbridge which carried Runcorn Road over the line. The BLCJR was a double track railway so Moore was provided with two platforms which were linked to Runcorn Road by sloping footpaths and steps. The main facilities were located in stone built buildings on the down platform (Warrington direction). Waiting facilities were provided on the up platform (Chester direction).

At the time of opening the Station was served by trains that ran between Warrington and Chester and onward to Birkenhead.

On 1 August 1859 the BLCJR became the Birkenhead Railway but within a matter of months it was taken over jointly by the Great Western Railway (GWR) and the London North Western Railway (LNWR) as the Birkenhead Joint Railway on 1 January 1860.

In April 1861 the new company renamed the station as Daresbury which is a small village about 1 mile distant from Moore. The reason for the renaming was probably to avoid confusion with another station in Moore which was located on the LNWR's main line between Crewe and Preston. The GWR used the line through Daresbury as a means of access to Manchester via Warrington and lines belonging to the LNWR. Daresbury Station itself however remained very much a local facility served mostly by local stopping trains.

In July 1922 there were nine up and seven down trains Mondays-to-Fridays as shown in the table below. There were two trains in each direction on Sundays.

Up Trains July 1922 Destination Down Trains July 1922 Destination
7.37am Chester General 8.11am Manchester Exchange
9.05am Chester General 8.53am Manchester Exchange
12.52pm Chester General 11.15am Warrington Bank Quay
3.17pm Chester General 3.06pm Warrington Bank Quay
4.37pm Chester General 5.17pm (Saturdays Excepted) Warrington Bank Quay
5.35pm (Saturdays Excepted) Chester General 6.00pm Manchester Exchange
6.18pm Chester General 9.24pm Warrington Bank Quay
8.18pm Chester General    
10.20pm Chester General    

In 1923 the LNWR share in the joint line passed to the London Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) who absorbed the former company as part of the ‘Grouping’ of the country’s many railway companies into four large organisations. The GWR retained its own identity.

In the summer of 1932 Daresbury Station was served by only seven trains in the westbound direction on weekdays. All of them went to Chester General with the first departure being at 7.35am and the last at 8.52pm. In the eastbound direction there were six trains. Four of them went to Warrington Bank Quay and two to Manchester Exchange. The first departure
was for Warrington Bank Quay at 8:10am and the last was for Manchester Exchange at 7.45pm.

On 1 January 1948 Daresbury became part of British Railways (London Midland Region). The summer timetable for 1948 showed six up and six down trains from Daresbury Monday-to-Friday as shown in the table below. On Saturdays there were extra trains and on Sundays there were two trains in each direction.
Up Trains Summer 1948 Destination Down Trains Summer 1948 Destination
7.31am Chester General 8.14am Manchester Exchange
8.59am Chester General 8.49am Manchester Exchange
11.13am (Saturdays Only) Bangor 10.51am (Saturdays Only) Manchester Exchange
12.33pm (Saturdays Only) Llandudno 12.27pm (Saturdays Excepted ) Manchester Exchange
12.56pm (Saturdays Only) Chester General 2.02pm (Saturdays Only) Warrington Bank Quay
1.10pm (Saturdays Excepted ) Chester General 4.48pm Manchester Exchange
2.46pm (Saturdays Only) Chester General 5.58pm (Saturdays Only) Manchester Exchange
5.50pm Chester General 6.23pm (Saturdays Excepted ) Warrington Bank Quay
6.24pm (Saturdays Excepted ) Llandudno 9.24pm Manchester Exchange
8.16pm Chester General    

After 1 February 1943 Daresbury had been the only station to serve the residents of Moore as the former LNWR station had closed on that date. Despite this the sparse train service provided to Daresbury station did not generate much income and it did not survive long after nationalisation of closing to passengers on 7 July 1952. The station continued to handle goods until the 1 June 1965.

The line through the station site is still in use today for goods and passenger services and consideration has been given to re-opening the station in local transport plans.

The platforms at Daresbury Station, along with the access ramp on the eastbound platform could still be seen in February 2013.

Tickets from Michael Stewart and route map by Alan Young.


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Daresbury station looking north-east in the 1960s.
hoto by John Kirwood

Daresbury station shown on a twenty five-inch map from 1897.

Daresbury station looking south-west in February 2005
hoto by Paul Wright

Daresbury station looking south-west from the entrance to the up platform in February 2005.
hoto by Paul Wright

Looking north-east at the remains of Daresbury station in August 2010. Both platforms were extant, although heavily overgrown as can be seen in the picture.
hoto by Paul Wright

Looking north-east along the down line at Daresbury station in February 2013. The down platform can be seen to the left. The steps that provided access to Runcorn Road can also be seen.

Daresbury station looking north-east in February 2013.

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[Source: Paul Wright]

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