Station Name: CREDENHILL

[Source: Nick Catford]

Credenhill Station Gallery 2: 9.1962 - 5.2019

Credenhill station with its immaculate garden in September 1962, two months before closure.
Photo by Roger Joanes

This is the first of six photographs taken by Mike Fergusson in the early 60s with a box camera. Mike's father was stationed at RAF Hereford at the time and Mike was a regular user of the line to visit friends in Hereford. This picture has been colourised and is seen from Station Road bridge. Stacks of coal are seen in the goods yard both on the ground and on the dock. The gents' toilet is seen to the left of the main station building.
Photo by Mike Fergusson

Credenhill station looking north-west probably after closure to passengers in 1962. By this date the carefully tended station garden has been abandoned.
Photo by Mike Fergusson

Credenhill station forecourt seen from Station Road, probably after closure to passengers in
December 1962.
Photo by Mike Fergusson

By the 1960s this vehicle had appeared at Credenhill. Some difficulty has been experienced when deciding if the vehicle is still wheeled or is grounded, but the conclusion is that it was grounded at the end of the goods dock given its position relative to other fixtures on the station platform. The vehicle is of some interest and despite the poor image quality something of its history can be identified. It is the body of a 6-wheel Full Brake, or Luggage Brake, of Glasgow & South Western Railway origin and would date from the very early years of the 20th century. Originally these vehicles would have worked in Glasgow to Stranraer and Carlisle trains. The LMS withdrew most from service during the 1930s but many soldiered on in engineering use, in some cases until well into the 1960s, and at least one has survived into preservation. The example which found itself at Credenhill no doubt found its way there by virtue of the LMS or perhaps its Midland Railway constituent
Photo by Mike Fergusson

Another view of Credenhill station forecourt seen from the approach road, probably after closure in 1962. The station looks very run down by this time.
Photo by Mike Fergusson

Weighbridge and weigh office alongside the approach road to Credenhill station in the early 60s. Judging by the grass around the weighbridge it is probably no longer in use although the goods yard would remain open until 1964.
Photo by Mike Fergusson

A trackside view of Credenhill station looking towards Hay and Three Cocks Junction. Judging by the weeds on the platform in this undated view the photograph was probably taken shortly after closure.
Photo from Will Mackie

Looking south-east from Station Road bridge in June 1986. The Credenhill community hall, seen here, was built on the station site in August 1975.
Photo by Ben Brooksbank

Station Road bridge.
Photo from Credenhill Community Hall Facebook page

The site of Credenhill station looking south-east from Station Road in May 2019.
Photo by Sally Webber




[Source: Nick Catford]

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