[Source: Paul Wright]

Canada Dock station looking north from the southern side of the goods yard in February 1986.
Photo by Martin Brown

A view of Canada Dock station looking north in April 1988.
hoto by John Mann

Canada Dock station in August 1990 seen from the goods platform that was located on the northern edge of the goods yard. The goods station was located on the far side of the bridge
which carried Derby Road over the line.
Photo by Paul Wright

The site of the Canada Dock station in September 2005. Note the different brickwork in the wall which marks where the booking office was. This view is from a similar position as in the 1990 picture above, but the levels are completely different as the site has been filled in.
Photo by Paul Wright

Looking west at the site of Canada Dock station on 19 December 2010. The roof of the Canada Dock goods station can be seen beyond the walls seen in the middle distance.
Photo by Paul Wright

The site of Canada Dock passenger station looking east on 10 September 2016.
Photo by Paul Wright

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[Source: Paul Wright]

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