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Braithwaite Station Gallery 2: Summer 1962 - January 2010

Another view of Braithwaite station in summer 1962. Ivatt 2MT 2-6-0 No. 46458, was a regular on the line and appears in numerous photographs. She carries a 12B (Carlisle Upperby) shedplate. She was withdrawn from 12B in December 1966 and cut up at Motherwell Machinery & Scrap, Inslow Works, Wishaw in May 1967.
Photo from James Lake collection

A 2-car Derby Lightweight DMU is approaching Braithwaite station on a spring day in the early 1960s. The well-tended station gardens look even better in colour.
Photo from James Lake collection

On 27 July 1963 a ‘Derby Lightweight’ DMU is entering Braithwaite station bound for Cockermouth and Workington. The station is immaculately presented with its garden looking exquisite on this summer day. The elegant lamp standard has been in place since CK&P days but its neighbour, the vitreous enamel nameboard is a recent installation by British Railways. A camping coach is seen in the siding behind the single platform.
Photo by Preston Whiteley

Braithwaite station looking north-west on 27 July 1963. This is one of the few stations on the CK&P to have possessed only a single platform. The nameboard has been installed by BR(LM) but no complementary ‘totem’ nameplates are provided. The single-storey station building containing office, waiting and toilet facilities adjoins the platform with the stationmaster’s two-storey house immediately behind it.
Photo by Preston Whiteley

Ivatt 2MT 46432 has arrived at Braithwaite as part of the 'Lakes Express' service on 29 June 1965 having travelled along the two mile stretch of single line from Keswick. The fireman is seen handing over the single line token which is in a pouch fixed to the hoop. The 'Lakes Express' was a main line summer only service to/from Euston with portions to/from Workington via Keswick, Windermere, Whitehaven and Barrow. 46432 remained on the CK&P until the line closed as a through route on 18 April 1966 after which it was transferred to 10A Wigan Springs Branch until it was withdrawn at the end of May 1967.
Photo from James Lake collection

Looking north-west along Braithwaite’s single platform on 2 April 1966 the day of the 'Lakes and Fells Railtour'. This is an idyllic country station, with its smart stone building, attractive lamps and topiary hedge facing the platform, set against a magnificent backdrop of snow-peaked fells.
Copyright photo by Maurice Burns

A ‘Derby Lightweight’ DMU is drawing out of Braithwaite station bound for Keswick and Penrith on 2 April 1966, two weeks before closure. The view is north-westwards across the goods yard which is looking somewhat neglected. Although the immediate surroundings of the station are as flat as the Fens, the lofty fells with snow-clad peaks create a spectacular horizon
Copyright photo by Maurice Burns

The level crossing immediately north-west of Braithwaite station in April 1966. The flimsy-looking metal gate on the crossing contrasts with the robust wooden wicket gate and fence. Warning signs on railways, such as that on the right, were often verbose; others were brief and to the point: ‘’Beware of Trains’!
Copyright photo by Maurice Burns

Braithwaite looking south in May 1966. There is nothing to suggest that the station has closed in the previous month as the nameboard is in place, everything looks well maintained and the rails seem not to have acquired rust. The single-storey building of local stone is similar to that at Penruddock and several other minor stations on the line, a distinctive feature being the booking office set forward at the near end allowing the station staff to obtain a clear view of the platform through the mullioned windows. The lamps are of a more dignified design than at most of the other CK&P stations at this date.
Copyright photo by John Alsop

In July 1969 with rails, signs and lighting gone Bratithwaite stations begins to slumber as undergrowth takes over the platform and the trackbed.
Photo by John Clark

Three years after closure the rails have been removed and in summer 1969 Rosebay Willowherb has taken up residence on the trackbed. The station building is seen clearly in this angle; the section with mullioned windows jutting out onto the platform contained the booking office.
Photo by Mark Koch

Braithwaite station looking south-east from the level crossing in August 1974.
Photo by Ben Brooksbank

Braithwaite station looking north-west on 12 April 1977, about 11 years after closure. The stationmaster’s house and station building are in residential use and the latter looks somewhat smarter than in the 1969 views. A small section of the platform has been demolished but the stretch in front of the building has been refurbished.
Photo by Alan Young

The former station building at Braithwaite is seen in July 1986 converted for residential use.
Photo by John Mann

Looking south-east at Braithwaite station on 24 January 2010. The station building continues to be in residential use (together with the stationmaster’s house, out of view) and a conservatory now extends onto the platform; there has been some attempt to make its design blend with the old building.
Photo by Alan Young




[Source: Alan Young

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