[Source: Paul Wright]

Birkenhead Town station in the mid 1930s. The original Birkenhead engine shed is seen in the background showing the south end of the long, 3 road section; the shorter 2 road part is just visible above the lamp post on the platform. The shed closed in 1878 but was retained for other railway uses.
Photo received from Roger Griffiths

Looking north at Birkenhead Town station shortly after the demolition of the up platform.
Photo received from John Dawson

Birkenhead Town station seen from the booking office in the summer of 1967. The up platform had been demolished by this time.
Photo by Paul Kirkbride

The site of Birkenhead Town station looking south from the booking office in April 2005.
hoto by Pail Wright

At the north end of Birkenhead Town station there were two tunnels. They are seen in this view from April 2005. To the left is Woodside tunnel and to the right Monks Ferry tunnel.
Photo by Paul Wright


2005 + ticket

2005 + ticket


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[Source: Paul Wright]

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